What are we doing ?

A message from Matteo Mantovani, Founder & CEO

You are extraordinary

You are a 40 /50 years old Medical Doctor, in the middle of your business. Fast. Demanding. Rigorous. Your mission is to help people get better.

Time is limited

The problem is that you have to face the rapid advancements in Technology and Medicine, the competition with other specialists and patients more demanding than before.

Sarah, MD, Thoracic Surgeon

You have no time to stay up to date

And the bad news is that there are no products specifically designed for you. That’s the reason why I started a new company, in Milan, Italy, with my own money. I named it Fuzzy Factory, from the Fuzzy Logic Neural Network principles.

Our solution

Fuzzy Factory Srl is a company that develops medical applications. Our first product is a Medical Active Learning Platform, designed to help doctors stay up to date in the short time they have available. This allows them to learn, remain competitive in the market and earn money for interactions on the platform.

Matteo, MSc, Founder & CEO @Fuzzy Factory Srl

Our Medical Active Learning Platform is also a marketplace: you can find and buy any kind of medical device, IoT & apps.

Giulia, MSc, Co-Founder & CFO @Fuzzy Factory Srl

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